Case Studies

MAVERICK Technologies works across industries and platforms, helping manufacturers overcome their production challenges so they can perform at their potential. With 400+ professionals working out of 21+ U.S. locations, MAVERICK has completed 17,500+ successful projects in 46 countries. We’ve compiled many of our case studies here in this project gallery. If you don’t see one related to your specific industry, platform or process, just contact us and we’ll discuss our relevant experience with you.

Leading Global Provider of Specialty Food Ingredients and Solutions Automates KPI Generation
Midstream Company Brings Product Transportation into the 21st Century
Major Oil Refiner Migrates to New DCS Platform
Beverage Manufacturer Utilizes Remote Support to Maximize Productivity
Packaged Gas Producer Uses Operations Management Solution to Eliminate Paperwork, Streamline Operations and Reduce Costs
High-Performance Enzyme Manufacturer Partners with MAVERICK for a DeltaV Renovation
Electrical Demand Load Shedding Success Story
Chemical Manufacturer Upgrades Boiler Controlled by Honeywell® TDC 3000 to Improve Reliability
Major Meat and Poultry Company uses Mobility Solution
Large Pharmaceutical Company Generates FDA-Compliant Alarm Summary Reports using the OSIsoft® PI System
Major Oil Refiner Increases Longevity of Blender DCS by Migrating High Contrast Graphic Displays to Next-Gen Interface
Large Grocery Retailer Upgrades Milk HTST In-Line Fat Standardization System
Leading Agriculture Company Reduces Alarms and Improves Efficiency Through Alarm Management
Chemical Manufacturer Adds Greenfield Unit Controlled by Honeywell® Experion to Recover Propylene
Gulf Coast Petroleum Refiner Successfully Migrates Plant to Modern HMI with an On-Shore Development Team
Corn Sweetener Facility Enhances Product Quality through Loop Performance Optimization
DCSNext® Migration Program for Polystyrene Manufacturer
Major Metal Producer and Recycler Evaluates Operational Technology Strategy
RO Film Manufacturer Increases Customer Service and First-Pass Quality through Lot Tracking and Positive Release
Meat and Poultry Company Eliminates Paper Lot Tracking System
Refinery Transitions to Next Generation Honeywell Experion
Midstream Company Modernizes Fractionation Plant
Major Oil Refiner Improves Operator Effectiveness by Implementing Optimized Startup Graphics
Major Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) Fractionation Plant Increases Production
Major Pharmaceutical Company Uses Water Distribution Monitoring System to Effectively Manage Resource Usage
Semiconductor Manufacturer Upgrades PLC-5 to ControlLogix
Semiconductor Manufacturer Expands Production
Award Winning, Farmer-Owned Co-op Partners With MAVERICK to Upgrade Cheese Milk HTST Controls In Eight Hours
Dairy Producer Transitions Lactose Crystallization Tanks Without Downtime
Hybrid FEL3 for a Major Chemical Manufacturer
Power Facility Improves Efficiency with Hand-Held HMI System
Chemical Manufacturer Upgrades OSIsoft® PI System and Deploys Golden Batch System
Power System Design for Edible Oils Processor
Paper Machine Wet End Migrates to Emerson DeltaV
Major Oil Refiner Improves Operator Effectiveness by Implementing High Performance Graphics (HPG)
Natural Gas Midstream Company Expands Truck Loading Racks
Natural Gas Company Adds Rail Car Loading / Unloading Racks
Natural Gas Company Builds New Fractionation Plant
Precious Metals Recovery Plant Upgrades Cementation Process
Leading Cheese Manufacturer Upgrades Plant
Major Chemical Manufacturer Consolidates Multiple Distributed Control System (DCS) Platforms Using the DCSNext® Solution
Chemical Manufacturer Implements Pilot Batching System
BOP DCS Migration in Combined Cycle Power Facility
Paper Mill Sets New Benchmark for Migration Project Start-up
Major Pulp and Paper Producer Restarts Mothballed Mill
Leader in Bioproduct Feedstock Builds Second Pilot Plant
Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) and Balance of Plant Support (BOP) for Saudi Arabia
Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) Support for Smelter
Steel Plate Heat Treat Facility Develops Product Quality System
Water Filter and Purification System Manufacturer Implements MES Upgrades and Enhancements
Product Quality System Developed for Water Filtration Module Production Line
MAVERICK Develops MES Application with Recipe Management
Data Acquisition System Developed for Solar Cell Stringer
Large American Brewery Performs Water Usage Study
Leading Vinyl Compound Producer Leverages Wonderware® MES
Biofuels Company Builds Synthetic Diesel Facility
Product Manufacturers Easily Optimize CIP Systems
Leading Food Manufacturer Plans Plant Expansions
Soy Protein Producer Maintains Competitive Edge by Improving Business Processes and Enterprise-Wide Data Availability
Manufacturers Utilize Auditing Techniques to Improve Beverage Packaging Efficiency
Hydrotreater Advanced Process Control (APC) Improves Control of Product Sulfur Content, Reduces Fuel Gas and Hydrogen Consumption, and Extends Catalyst Life
Major Chemical Manufacturer Reduces Waste Disposal Costs through Advanced Process Control (APC)
Major Plastics Manufacturer Increases Production and Reduces Operator Workload through Advanced Process Control (APC)
Large Pharmaceutical Company Generates FDA-Compliant Alarm Summary Reports using the OSIsoft® PI System